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Are you a small to medium sized business, non-profit, or non-governmental organization (NGO) practicing sustainability in the workplace?

The San Diego Green Building Council will host the 2019 Leadership in Sustainable Business Practices Awards and are in search of San Diego businesses that have initiated, completed or are active in sustainable practices, projects and programs within the last five years.

Applicants will be scored on completing the application, confirmation that all criteria has been met and a weighted total score based on the following:


Raw Score (1-5)


Weight (%)


Weighted Score

  Leadership and


25% 0 The practices, programs, or projects exhibit leadership and creative thinking
   Holistic 10% 0 The practices, programs, or projects demonstrate a comprehensive viewpoint of sustainability


25% 0 The practices, programs, or projects demonstrate quantitative and qualitative achievement
  Community 10% 0 The practices, programs, or projects provide benefits outside of the business
   Culture 20% 0 The practices, programs, or projects demonstrate an integration of sustainability at the core level of the business
   Partnerships 10% 0 Collaboration with other businesses and/or organizations to achieve sustainability goals
  Total Points 100%

The winner of the award will be announced Oct. 18, 2019 at the SDGBC Green Expo and will receive a feature of their award in the San Diego Business Journal, outreach to local Chamber of Commerce or Business Association to celebrate the award, public relations, a media tool kit and marketing support, and a case study written by the SDGBC posted on their website.

If you feel your business meets the criteria and you are interested in applying, email North Park Main Street intern Cydney Melton at [email protected] to set up a meeting where she will do a quick interview with you about your business and help you fill out and submit the application by Sept. 3, 2019.