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North Park Parking Garage

3829 29th St, San Diego, CA 92104


Our 4 story parking garage at 3829 29th St. is a safe, well lit, convenient garage that is close to all of North Park’s businesses. Enjoy affordable parking rates from $1 per hour, and $5 daily max 6am-6pm as well as $5 flat rate 6pm-6am. The garage is open 24 hours/7 days week. If you are local resident, you can park there for $45/month. Learn more about our rates below!


$1 Per hour.
$5 Daily Max from 6AM-6PM.
$5 Flat rate from 6PM-6AM.
$10 Lost ticket fee.


$45 Local Residents/Individuals.
$35 1st Company Parker.
$30 Each additional company parker.
$20 Keycard fee.

Contact Information for Garage

[email protected]

24hr Supervisor Phone 619-724-0450 

Parking Validation

Are you a business owner who would like to offer parking validation to your customers? The North Park Garage offers an easy and convenient system to set-up parking validation.

To get started, email [email protected] and in your subject line put “Business Name – Parking Validation Order“. 

You can order tickets in hour increments (1-hour parking validation ticket, 2 hour parking validation ticket, etc..) and you receive a discount of 25% on the cost of parking. (ie. 1 hour costs $0.75 instead of $1.00)

You can also view, download, and print our guides.


The North Park Parking Garage features large scale public art by local artists Don Masse and Kris Moore.

Don Masse is an art educator and practicing artist whose work can be seen on numerous schools and public spaces. For the Garage Art Project, he envisioned a series of images that include figurative and architectural elements from North Park that are interjected with elements of pattern and pixelation.

Kris Moore is an accomplished digital color printer and Photoshop expert. The photographs of her work on the garage utilize the pinhole photography technique and sample the North Park neighborhood and streets.

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