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Red Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

North Park Main Street is offering Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies for businesses that are celebrating a grand opening or anniversaries. We are taking these opportunities to celebrate your success. Why not, we love another reason to have a party!  

These celebrations are meant to attract publicity to you and your business. The staff of North Park Main Street will assist you in coordinating the event and custom design it just for you and your budget.  To get started, email our event coordinator, Jenn Coleman at [email protected] or call at 619-294-2501. We look forward to celebrating your success! 

Here is a simple list of what we can offer and what you can be expected to do to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of a Ribbon Cutting Event:  


What North Park Main Street will do:

  • Work with you to choose an event date (generally, we suggest 2 weeks to promote the event)  
  • Post public invitations to the event through our social media and other internet presences  
  • Invite City Officials and other dignitaries, potential new customers, and neighboring businesses.  
  • Introduce you to other businesses in the District that can assist with catering or other products & services needed for a successful event  
  • Introduce you to your new customer base through community and neighborhood groups so they get to know your business and you, the owner/ manager personally.  
  • Contact media and dignitaries a few days in advance to remind & personally invite them and confirm attendance.  
  • Provide an Event Photographer for Photos of the event that you can share after the event. 
  • Provide a ribbon, the Big Scissors, and take photos to capture the celebration and post photos on social media and other internet presences to show what a great time the event was.  

What you can do to ensure a fun and successful event:  

  • Invite your customers, friends, and others through your own media and social media. Share the promotion with your followers.  
  • Provide specials, discounts or giveaways to attract visitors who could be your new customers  
  • Offer games or interactive activities for the event  
  • Ask your staff to assist you with giving tours of your facility to free you up to greet and mingle.  
  • Have an email sign-up form for your e-newsletter, ask people attending to follow your social media, or offer another way for follow-up communications.  


If you have questions about our Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies, please email our event coordinator, Jenn Coleman at [email protected] or call at 619-294-2501. We look forward to celebrating your success! 


Tips for a Successful Ribbon-Cutting Event


Plan: Choose the date and time of the event and contact the people whom you would like to attend well in advance are the first steps. North Park Main Street requires at least a 2-week notice to ensure people have a fair chance to attend. Local dignitaries may require an earlier notification so plan on asking 2-4 weeks in advance if you would like us to invite them.  

Publicize: North Park Main Street will meet with you to gather information for a press release. We will write a press release and submit it to the local media; newspapers, radio stations and post it through social media. We’ll need to post at least 2 weeks before the event.  

Invite: Sounds simple and it is. You should invite your family, friends, former colleagues, current customers, nearby businesses, and suppliers. Perhaps even create a digital flier so that they can share the news with their contacts.  

Have Fun: Your ribbon cutting may be the first time people enter your business so make it fun and festive. Offer door prizes, giveaways, discounts on products or services. These can add incentives for attendees to become customers. Having refreshments and a DJ if possible will liven up the atmosphere. We can help you connect with other local businesses to supply any of this. That will also open the door for future cooperation with other North Park businesses.  

Relax and enjoy: You are the best advocate for your business so take time to enjoy the hard work that got you to the point of having a ribbon cutting. Get your employees or other volunteers to share the event planning details so you can enjoy the evening and be the face and voice for your business with those who attend the event.  

Example Ribbon Cutting Schedule & Checklist  

☐ 5:30 pm Start Time.  

☐ 6:00 pm-6:15 pm start Program Starts- Thank You, Presentation, of Certificates, Business Owner Introduction, Cutting of the Ribbon.  

☐ 6:45 PM/7:00 PM Ceremony Complete.  

☐ 7:10 PM MINGLE!