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North Park Special Enhancement District




What is the North Park Special Enhancement District?

Developed by property owners and North Park Main Street, the North Park Special Enhancement District (SED) is a benefit assessment district whose main goal is to provide improvements and activities beyond the City of San Diego’s baseline level of service.

The SED will provide Sanitation, Safety progams, Economic Development, and Landscaping programs to assessed parcels within its district boundaries

How Does It Benefit Our Community?

• Assessments are to combat urban blight, promote economic opportunities, and create clean and safe environments.

• Cleaner, safer neighborhoods attract more people and activity which, in turn, increases rents and property values, and business opportunities.

• Customers and residents feel more comfortable and safe within assessment districts that have less obvious signs of litter, graffiti, and abandoned cars.

• Areas that have successfully implemented assessment districts attract a larger number of non-residential visitors and tourists.

• Assessment districts have been important tools in preventing an economic decline in specific districts and transforming older areas into new opportunities for investment.

• A stronger sense of place that accompanies cleaner streets encourages patronage and has increasingly positive repercussions in assessment districts’ areas.

• Businesses consider quality-of-life issues to be more important factors in choosing a location than they do tax rates and real-estate prices.

• Areas with assessment districts experience greater, on average, yearly reductions in the number of robberies, violence, and total crimes than non-assessment areas.

SED Services

The services provided by the SED are above and beyond the City of San Diego’s baseline services. These proposed services will include:



• Street, sidewalk, curb & gutter cleaning;

• Graffiti and sticker removal for public spaces;

• Urine & feces removal;

• Emptying of common area garbage cans adjacent to assessed parcels to improve sanitation to assessed parcels;

• Collection of litter, including dumping of large items in public right of way; and maintaining new medians.


Improvements & Economic Development

• Lighting facilities;

• Signs and/or banners;

• Promotions and Marketing;

• Kiosks or display cases;

• Wayfinding;

• Landscaping;

• Seasonal plantings and planters; and

• Decorations. Economic development efforts, including retail retention and recruitment efforts are exclusively aimed at attracting business prospects looking to locate in North Park. Marketing and promotion of tourism within the district will also be conducted.

How Are The Funds Managed?

The assessments are collected from property owners through their property taxes. The county will forward them to the city. The city cannot keep the funds for its own purposes, the funds will be used on assessment district services that benefit the property owners.

The city will forward the funds to North Park Main Street, which will be responsible for implementing the program with oversight from the City’s Economic Development Department.

How We Will Use Our Budget