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Meet Steve and Patricia Billings, owners of The Original 40 Brewing Company.

Steve and Patricia are longtime North Park business owners, having operated the neighborhood’s U31 Bar for the past 11+ years and living in the North Park for the past 10 years. Their new venture explores the world of in house-brewed beer paired with an elaborate food menu at the brand new The Original 40, named after the 40-acres of land purchased in 1893 by James Monroe Hartley that is now North Park.

Located on University Ave., The Original 40 has a unique vintage design with a fresh, modern touch. Upon walking in you will feel the light fresh and comfortable atmosphere that makes this brewery easily home to North Park locals. The food menu consists of elevated snacks, shareables, salads, and entrees. The brewpubs 24 taps will feature a mix of beers brewed in house, as well as collaborations with local breweries and out-of-town beer friends.

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What has surprised you most about the neighborhood after opening Original 40?
The thing that surprised us the most about the neighborhood is how many patrons live within just a few blocks of the Brewery.

What makes your menu unique and different?
Our menu is unique and different because virtually everything is made from scratch to order. Our menu is relatively small but covers all of the bases so everybody in your party can find something they are happy with. However, we are currently looking at adding more vegetarian and vegan options.

While researching the menu for Original 40, did you see any exciting food trends in San Diego?
To be honest we tried to stay away from food trends. We really wanted to find things that were unique. We really wanted to offer familiar items with a unique twist or adaptation. No frog legs or brussels sprouts on our menu. 🙂

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What have you seen change to the neighborhood over the years?
The neighborhood has changed so much over the years. Most notably the increase in residential density. My favorite changes in the neighborhood are the addition of so many great new businesses. There are many weekends I park my car and never get in it. Just about
anything we need is now within walking distance. We can eat drink and shop within five blocks of our house.

What is your favorite thing about living & owning a business in North Park?
Our favorite thing about owning a business in North Park is the camaraderie of the other business owners and the community that has been created around those relationships. Our favorite thing about living in North Park honestly is all of the wonderful neighbors we have.
There seems to be a great group of like-minded people moving into North Park. It’s not uncommon for us to see either of our next-door neighbors at our brewery.

What is one thing anyone visiting from out of town should do in North Park?
If someone is visiting North Park, of course they must visit several of the breweries that are all within walking distance of each other. And what would a visit to North Park be without one of the wonderful tacos or slices of pizza North Park has to offer?

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