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The following timeline will be used for elections:
• 2nd Thursday of July BOD Meeting – Election Announced
• After July Board Meeting – Application posted on NPMS website
• Last Day of July by 5:00 pm – Applications Due
• 2nd Thursday of August BOD Meeting – Slate Announced
• 2nd Thursday August BOD Meeting – In Person Nominations
(Additional nominations may be made from the floor provided that the nominee so named is a Member or Associate Member in good standing as of the preceding July 31st and has submitted in writing a statement indicating their interest in serving).
• 2nd Thursday of August BOD Meeting – Slate Confirmed.
(The Board of Directors will accept the slate of Candidates, close nominations, and order the preparation of a written ballot. The Board of Directors may appoint an inspector of elections and provide for his/her compensation, if any).
• Ballots postmarked or received no later than September 30th
• Votes Counted and Election Certified before 2nd Thursday of October BOD meeting
• Results and New Board Seated – 2nd Thursday of October Board meeting


North Park Organization of Businesses Inc. Board of Directors Application Form

Eligibility to serve on the Board of Directors is based upon proof of payment of Business Improvement District fees to the City of San Diego (included with your business license) as of June 30th current tax year. The City of San Diego Office of Small Business verifies eligibility of all candidates. This application will be made available to the public upon request.
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