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For too long we have had people living on our streets in conditions that are just not acceptable. Today I announced a short-term solution to provide safer and more sanitary living conditions for homeless individuals and to help stop the regional spread of hepatitis A. This coming Monday, the city will open a Transitional Camp Area on city-owned property at 20th and B streets downtown to offer refuge to the most vulnerable men and women living on San Diego’s streets. Working with the nonprofit Alpha Project, this camp area will provide on-site 24-hour security, showers, bathrooms, handwashing stations and storage. It will be a place where individuals can bring their belongings and set up tents while waiting for the temporary bridge shelters to open, or for other more permanent housing solutions. The Temporary Bridge Shelters, which we announced last month and are on track to open by early winter, will provide beds, meals and wrap-around supportive services needed to help homeless men and women turn their lives around. Reducing homelessness in our region is a responsibility we all share. It’s going to take the work of multiple government agencies, along with the business community, nonprofits and others. Today’s announcement was a big step forward to getting people off the streets and into more secure and sanitary living conditions. There is still a lot more that needs to be done. And I look forward to providing you further updates on our actions.

For more information: https://www.sandiego.gov/mayor/news/releases/mayor-faulconer-announces-transitional-camp-area-homeless-individuals-open-monday https://www.sandiego.gov/mayor/news/releases/mayor-faulconer-city-open-temporary-%E2%80%98bridge%E2%80%99-shelters-help-homeless