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The City is getting ready to grind, pave and restripe 30th Street between Polk Ave. and Juniper St., and University Ave. east to the alley between 30th St. and Ray St.  With multiple contractors working at the same time the grind and overlay for the entire area will take place between Sun 6/20 and Thursday 7/01. The Contractors working hours will be 8PM to 6AM, Sunday through Thursday night and he will close multiple City blocks per night to vehicle traffic for public safety. With the exception of the permanent structure in front of the Café Calabria, all outside dining areas in the project area will have to be removed for this work. Each dining area will be impacted for 2 nights, with grinding taking place the 1st night and paving during the 2nd night. Striping will be done in early July after the new asphalt has set the minimum required time, however this will not impact the outside dining areas. They can be put back in place right after the paving in your individual block has been completed.

As discussed previously, the City CM Team will make a visit to each restaurant with outside dining in place to discuss details of the work and provide specific dates to the owner or designated representative regarding removal and re-set up of each individual outside dining platform.

The City CM Team will start door to door outreach next week between the hours of 11AM to 4PM.
The Resident Engineer is Clay Harper: (760) 594 7551