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The City of San Diego has more than 3,250 miles of water pipelines that provide safe, healthful drinking water to the 1.4 million residents within its service area. Some pipelines are more than 100 years old, are deteriorating, and are in need of replacement, repair and upgrades. To avoid future service disruptions, such as water main breaks, the aging pipelines are being replaced or rehabilitated. The new pipelines will bring the existing water pipes or mains up to modern standards, accommodate community growth and reduce maintenance requirements.

Project Overview

The 30th Street Pipeline Replacement Project will replace approximately 5.7 miles of water main within the North Park, Golden Hill, and Southeastern communities. This project will also increase pedestrian access by installing curb ramps at several intersections throughout the project area.

Project alignment is from 30th Street starting at Polk Avenue moving south to Juniper Street. The project then shifts at the intersection of Juniper Street and 30th Street on to Fern Street until A Street. At A Street, the project shifts back on to 30th Street and continues south to Commercial Street.

The 30th Street Pipeline Replacement Project will:

  • Contribute towards the City of San Diego‚Äôs ongoing 20-mile/year program to replace all aging and deteriorating cast iron water mains currently in service.
  • Prevent future service disruptions and water main breaks.
  • Provide a more reliable water supply and operational flexibility.
  • Bring the existing water mains up to current City of San Diego standards.

The overall project is within one of the most densely populated areas of the City of San Diego. The area includes: residential neighborhoods; business districts; light industrial businesses; and major arterial corridors that connect neighborhoods; as well as local streets and bicycle and pedestrian corridors/

Project Schedule

Completion of Project Design: July 2017*

Construction: April 2018 – July 2020*

Project Budget

The project’s planning, design, and construction budget is $28.7 million.*

*Construction schedule and project budget are subject to change.