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2019 has a lot in store for North Park! This year is starting out strong, with emphatic support from strong events and project work from 2018. Our Toyland Parade and Christmas Tree Lot events from the Promotions Committee were wonderful successes, and our Farmers Market has continued to expand. For 2019, we hope to expand our Explore North Park campaign and have high hopes for the SDCCU Festival Arts on May 11th. In tandem with the Business Development committee, we’re also holding an emphasis on promotion of the February 10th concierge event. This groundbreaking event will be an introduction of twelve North Park businesses to one hundred attendees, who will have the opportunity to travel using two trolleys to sample food and beverages and win prizes in a raffle. In the Design Committee, the Wayfinding kiosks and signs, as well as the garage art project, have been approved to move forward, while the landscaping on 30th and Lincoln has been stalled until 2020.

During this year, we will have to say goodbye to some of our local businesses. Peking Palace, Starbucks, and the Tobacco Outlet are all closing, but Starbucks and Tobacco Outlet both already have new businesses who’ve acquired the spaces, and we’re working with Peking Palace to assist in finding a new tenant.

Luckily, we also have lots of promising new businesses opening up this year, including Louisiana Purchase, South Park staple The Rose, The Jackson, North Park Breakfast Company, Target, the Original Forty Brewing Company, Point Loma Credit Union, and Flap Your Jacks, a unique make-your-own pancake and breakfast place.

Finally, lots of developments are planned for 2019, on 30th and University, South 30th, and several locations on University Avenue.