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Bike Passport

The goal of this program is to raise awareness about the connectivity of the MID City Bike Lanes. The Bike Passport will also feature select businesses who will have the opportunity to provide some promotional item/experience for visiting their establishment while biking. To launch this program, we will host a bike ride in partnership with BikeSD to highlight the businesses participating in the Bike Passport program!

Bike Passport Program

  • Seeking 5 participating businesses to feature on our bike passport!
  • Loyalty card style discounts/rewards for visiting on a bike.
    • You choose the reward!
  • Our first iteration of this program will feature a limited production of 75 passports.
  • Kickoff Bike Ride
    • Route will go through El Cajon BIA district, NPMS district, and South Park
    • Ride will utilize protected lanes and promote events as family friendly and
      available to all levels.
    •  Route will feature stops at the businesses on the Bike Passport.

Why Bikes?
Bikes facilitate a unique connection with the local community. Businesses that encourage biking foster a sense of community, engage with local events, and become an integral part of the neighborhood. This connection can  translate into increased customer loyalty and support.

Bikes Mean Business

A variety of data around the world has shown that customers who bike…

  •  Are competitive consumers
  •  Visit establishments more frequently
  • On average spend as-much as their car-driving counterparts over time

Overall, data emphasizes that non-drivers, including bikers, significantly contribute to
retail spending, showcasing their importance as consumers in urban areas.
(Bloomberg & Transport Review)