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Embracing Localism: A Vibrant Vision for North Park’s Future 

North Park, a community brimming with creativity, celebration, and an unwavering spirit of togetherness, recently witnessed a spectacular Shop Local Saturday. Mayor Gloria’s presence at MILA North Park’s press conference added a touch of significance to the event as three influential North Park women, Michelle Gonzalez, Laura Weiss, and Anna Hopkins, were rightfully honored for their invaluable contributions to the neighborhood. The occasion was made even more joyous with the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Pinky’s Cafe, a new hub destined to be the epitome of coffee, music, and puppy love. 

Shop Local and Shop Small are not just annual events; they are enduring commitments. Supporting local entrepreneurs is the heartbeat of a thriving community. 60% of businesses who responded to our post Shop Local survey said they saw a 10% increase or more in their daily revenue. 10% means a lot to small business owners who pour their heart and energy into their business. We are happy with the progress we saw this year and we aim to do even better next year!  

One community member who embodies pouring her energy into her business is Lara from Bivouac Cider. Lara gave Mayor Gloria and I a sneak peek into one of the neighborhood’s promising new developments, the Bivouac Adventure Lodge. North Park continues to be a premier destination for entrepreneurs and developers looking to create something special.  Just take a look at Chelsea C.’s Mable’s Gone Fishing, which landed in the top 50 of new restaurants in the US, or Drew Deckman’s next project Watershed. The anticipation will build as North Park Main Street gears up for its first business forum of 2024, which will be held at the Adventure Lodge for its soft opening to the community! 

As the winter season approaches, North Park is transforming into a Winter Wonderland. The mini park is set to host a roller-skating rink on December 9th and 10th, a delightful opportunity for families and friends to revel in holiday cheer. Partnering with a Vegan food pop-up ensures a culinary delight, complementing the festive atmosphere. It’s not just about skating; it’s about creating cherished moments and fostering community connections while indulging in the holiday spirit. 


You can learn more about the event here: https://northparkmainstreet.com/winter-wonderland/  


Reflecting on the phenomenal journey of North Park Main Street in 2024, the enthusiasm remains unwavering. The privilege of leading this remarkable community is a constant source of amazement. Looking ahead, the call-to-action echoes loud and clear—to all who cherish North Park, to businesses and property owners vested in this community’s success, and to those passionate about community activation: join hands with us. 


The upcoming year marks an exciting phase with elections for the board of directors. North Park Main Street seeks to deepen engagement and broaden support within the community. Your involvement—whether by attending board meetings, connecting with the team, or participating in committee meetings—will shape the future of North Park. Strengthening engagement amplifies our collective impact, enabling us to champion development that nurtures arts, culture, and entertainment while safeguarding North Park’s historical legacy. 


North Park’s journey thrives on unity, resilience, and a shared commitment to fostering a vibrant community. As we stand at the cusp of 2024, let’s pledge to amplify our efforts, embrace localism, and weave a tapestry of growth, culture, and inclusivity that defines the essence of North Park—a community where every voice matters, and every contribution counts.