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North Park Main Street Business Improvement District

North Park Main Street is both a business improvement district established by the City of San Diego, and a Main Street program affiliated with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. As a volunteer-based, 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, North Park Main Street (NPMS) advocates for North Park’s business community, administers the North Park Business Improvement District (BID), and champions development that preserves the community’s historic integrity, supports its Arts, Culture & Entertainment District, and promotes an urban, pedestrian-friendly shopping / dining environment.

North Park Property and Business Improvement District (“PBID”)

Initiated by property owners and managed by the North Park Main Street Board of Directors, the North Park Property and Business Improvement District (NPPBID) provides for special benefits, improvements and enhanced services within the PBID boundaries (see attached map). The NPPBID provides a variety of improvements such as streetscape, aesthetic appeal, advocacy, safety, cleanliness, economic development, sidewalk power washing, and increased amenities. All this is funded and directed by property owners.

North Park Main Street & Business Improvement District Major Activites
  • Galvanizing local business leadership and enhancing communication and collaborations
  • Hosting annual North Park events such as the Taste of North Park and the SDCCU Festival of Arts in North Park, as well as the weekly North Park Thursday Market
  • Promoting preservation of business community’s historic character
  • Marketing downtown commercial district to attract investment and customers
  • Actively supporting North Park Art, Culture and Entertainment District
  • Promoting urban village style planning principles and ensuring quality development
  • Assisting developers, business owners and tenants navigate regulatory requirements and access available resources
  • Installing improvements, e.g. lighting, street trees, sidewalks, bike racks, refuse cans
  • Coordinating efforts to address downtown transportation and parking issues
North Park Property and Business Improvement District Major Activities

Provide improvements that confer a special benefit to assessed parcels in the form of

  • Sanitation
  • Landscaping
  • Improvements
  • Economic Development Services


North Park Main Street plans, promotes, and coordinates incredibly fun and well-attended events. These events are always free of charge to attend, and open to all ages.

Events that Give Back

All of the events hosted by North Park Main Street are designed to give back to the community. This means that event proceeds funnel back into community improvement projects to keep North Park the vibrant, beautiful, clean and safe community that thousands of locals and visitors know and love. All you have to do to help your community flourish is show up to one of our lively, family-friendly events and enjoy.

Shop Local North Park

Support Local Businesses

Love Where You Live

Including events not hosted by North Park Main Street


North Park Main Street Events Calendar

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Explore North Park Marketing and Outreach Program

The Explore North Park marketing and outreach program instills a unique benefit to the visitors, businesses, and residents of North Park. Through various marketing assets, including a website, social media platforms, and print materials, the benefits of working in, and visiting North Park are broadcast far and wide. Not only are these assets gorgeous, they’re also highly trafficked and have demonstrated success in sharing our neighborhood’s strong character and message across the country.

North Park Property and Business Improvement District (“NPPBID”)

The NPPBID or “PBID”is responsible for providing improvements, maintenance, and activities which constitute and confer a special benefit to assessed parcels in North Park. Simply, this means a special assessment is levied on property owners in North Park to fund the PBID, and in return the PBID, managed by North Park Main Street, provides sanitation, landscaping, improvements, and economic development services.

Your Assessment Dollars at Work

The Fiscal Year 2020 budget for the North Park PBID is $317,000. With this money our Board of Directors, an elected Board comprised of our North Park property and business owners, has identified several goals for our District. Beautification and eliminating visual blight will be the focus of our plan. If you have ideas or want to help in these efforts, please join in on our committee meetings which are open to the public.


January – June of 2019 PBID Maintenance and Cleaning Highlight

Feces Removed

Stickers Removed

Tree Grates Cleaned

Trash Bags Pulled

Blocks Powerwashed

Blocks Cleaned and Swept

Graffiti Removed

Trash Can Lids Cleaned

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