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North Park Main Street Outdoor Enhancement Program

North Park Main Street is providing a matching grant to assist businesses. The grant is for North Parklets (Pedestrian Plazas) and/or Public Right of Way (PROW) enhancements within the North Park Business Improvement District (BID).

Build a North Parklet or enhance your outside Public Right of Way (PROW) space with signage or lighting. We want to encourage esthetically pleasing, safe, and cohesive North Parklets. Please check out our North Parklets Guidelines and Standards. With this grant you can receive matching funds for your project. For example, if you spend $250, North Park Main Street will match the $250 so you will have $500 total. This is a reimbursement program with a maximum amount of $1000 offered by North Park Main Street.

The funds are limited so apply soon. If you have already completed a North Parklet (Pedestrian Plaza) or outdoor enhancements and want to reimburse your costs please provide receipts, proof of purchase, purchase order numbers (PO’s), picture of the North Parklet, or Public Right of Way (PROW) enhancements.

USE OF THE PARKING LANE: A North Parklet (Pedestrian Plaza) is the permitted use of a parking lane in front of your business. The city’s free permit is called a Temporary Outdoor Business Permit and the application is available here . Check out the Outdoor Business page for examples and more information. North Park Main Street is not involved with the permit approval process, but we can assist you in applying if needed.

USE OF THE SIDEWALK: Outside enhancements that are not in the street, but rather on the sidewalk, are considered part of the Public Right of Way (PROW) Program and are administered by North Park Main Street. Please apply for the PROW permit here. Examples of PROW enhancements are added signage, A-frames, banners, outside lighting, patio umbrellas, planters and other enhancements placed on the sidewalk.

Rules and Eligibility: Applicants must operate a business on the ground floor within the North Park Business Improvement District (BID). Business. The applicant is required to have a current City business license and must be current with BID fees (copy of Tax Certificate needed). Business must not have code enforcement actions currently active against the building or business.

Applicant must provide a copy of an approved permit for the Temporary Outdoor Business Program issued by the City of San Diego/or a Public Right of Way (PROW), issued by North Park Main Street, depending on the application request.

Eligible equipment items for grant funds include metal barricades, vinyl fencing (white picket), planter boxes, patio umbrellas and stands, outdoor string lights and support materials for lighting, outdoor rug or flooring, outdoor signage, banners, painted logos, and fencing covers.

Ineligible items for grant funds include, but are not limited to, tables, chairs, concrete or plastic K-rails, barrels, bollards, wood or plastic trellises (unless they are framed), plastic chains, tabletop accessories, permit fees, employee pay, print materials like menus or window signage, or insurance.

Businesses are to remain open, with regular hours, or provide anticipated business hours. Funding and amounts are not guaranteed ($1000 max). Applications will be reviewed by North Park Main Street’s Maintenance and Beautification Committee. The Outdoor Enhancement Program is being funded by North Park Main Street and the Mid-City Parking District.