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North Park Main Street Graffiti Removal


Why Us?

Graffiti leaves your property looking degraded and unsafe. It is vital to get graffiti removed as quickly as possible to discourage further graffiti in your area. Hiring a trained professional can protect your valuable business investment. Our professionals work promptly to completely and safely remove all signs of the graffiti. Rapid removal takes less time and fewer products, so taking care of vandalism fast saves money and protects your company image. Call us today!

Our Services

  • Fast Removal Service
  • Avoid Fines from the City
  • Keep Your Property Clean and Safe
  • Discourage Additional Vandalism
  • Protect Your Valuable Surfaces, Historic Buildings or Unstable Materials


Big and small jobs, we do it all!


Each job is unique based on its location and surface. Some small graffiti can be removed in 20 minutes or less. Larger jobs that are above street level may take as long as 6 or 7 hours.

Please contact us for a quote.


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Graffiti Before


Graffiti After

Don’t Get Tagged!

If you see grafitti on your property, you should remove it immediately. By doing so, you will discourage further graffiti and avoid fines from the city. Take care of this within 72 hours and let us help you!