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Outdoor Enhancement Grant

North Park Outdoor Business Enhancement Grant

In order to maintain safety, reduce liability, and maintain visual continuity throughout North Park we propose a set of recommended standards for outdoor business enhancements. We want these outdoor business enhancements to stay for as long as businesses and customers utilize them. Having a cohesive effort, investment, and plan will help sustain the program and further our efforts to promote North Park.

We are offering a matching grant that will help maximize funds for your project. For instance, if your budget is $250, we will match the $250 so you have $500 to spend. The maximum reimbursement amount is $1,000.

Rules & Eligibility

Applicants must operate a business on the ground floor within the North Park Business Improvement District (BID), be current on their BID fees, and have an active business license. Applicants must also provide proof of their approved Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit and add North Park Main Street as additionally insured on their insurance.

Materials eligible for grant funds include, but are not limited to, metal barricades, vinyl fencing, planter boxes, and outdoor rugs or flooring. Ineligible items include tables, chairs, plastic K-rails, barrels, and more.

Suggested Materials

We want the outdoor business enhancements to be aesthetically pleasing, safe, and cohesive. And we’re putting funds to help make that happen. Here are some examples, however materials will be individually reviewed. Read further instructions about the materials below.

Suggested Materials - North Park Main Street

Prefabricated Outdoor Dining

Looking for an already completed design and fabrication? It is $700 per planter bench or two for $1100 ($550 each). There are options available. Please reach out to learn more.

OBR Prefabricated Parklet
Prefab Bench

Outdoor Enhancement Grant Form

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