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North Park is moving forward with rebuilding a safe environment for local businesses to resume serving their customers. We stayed apart so we can come together!!


As of May 27th the County of San Diego’s request to allow the region to accelerate the reopening of the local economy includes moving further toward stage 3 of the California Resiliency Roadmap. Under the proposal, in-person dining at restaurants retail shopping and salons with limited services are allowed, as long as businesses enact social distancing measures and follow various restrictions to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Businesses with questions can email: [email protected]nty.ca.go

North Park businesses need your support.  We’ve worked hard to create a vibrant commercial district and now is the time to show how much these businesses mean to you.  Here is how you can help:

  • Visit your favorite business and make a purchase.
  • Be forgiving.  Things may not be perfect. Remember, these businesses are trying to do their best to reboot and overcome hurdles to keep our community thriving. 
  • Share your positive comments on social media.  Be a cheerleader for North Park!

New Options for Alcohol and Beverage Control License Holders


Fourth Notice of Regulatory ReliefOn sale consumption of alcohol beverages is allowed on property that is adjacent to the licensed premises. Application is required.

Fifth Notice of Regulatory Relief – If you don’t have a kitchen you can partner with a food provider and still sell your products within your existing or expanded footprint.

Application for Expanded Business Footprint

Diagram for Expanded Business Footprint

County of San Diego Dine-In Guidance

Dine-In Reopening Guidelines