North Park Maintenance Assesment District (MAD)

What is the North Park Maintenance Assessment District (NPMAD)?

The North Park MAD is a special district under state law that allows property owners to assess themselves to pay for services beyond what the City normally provides in terms of street lights, street cleaning and landscape maintenance. The NPMAD was created in 1996 and approved by a majority vote of property owners in 1998. The District encompasses the vast majority of Greater North Park, bounded on the north by El Cajon Blvd and Monroe Avenue, on the east by I-805, on the west by Georgia Street, and on the south by Juniper Street. Single family homes and condos are assessed $18.70 per year and multi-family homes are assessed per number of units. Commercial property is assessed based upon size of property. City staff works with a local Advisory Committee to establish project priorities. MAD activities are governed by an Assessment Engineers Report (AER), which outlines district boundaries and the scope of benefits. Assessments can only be spent on projects in the AER. Once the AER has been approved by a majority of property owners, it can only be changed by a new majority vote of property owners.
North Park Assessment Engineer’s Report

How Does the MAD benefit North Park businesses?

Capital improvements:

  • Installation of 150 mid-block streetlights
  • Planting of over 200 street trees in the public median
  • Preliminary design for the Switzer Canyon Bridge Enhancement Project

Maintenance projects (on-going and programmed for future):

  • Maintenance of trees planted by MAD, plus the ability to maintain over 200 additional street trees planted by other entities
  • Maintenance of landscape median on El Cajon Blvd. between Park Blvd and I-805
  • Maintenance and energy costs for El Cajon Blvd. and North Park community signs
  • Maintenance of streetscape  improvements along University Avenue and 30th Street
  • Additional street cleaning along El Cajon Blvd, University Avenue, and 30th Street, including sidewalk steam cleaning on University Avenue and 30th Street
  • Maintenance of North Park entry portal at University and I-805
  • Additional tree trimming in the public median when they pose a safety hazard
  • Rebate funding for sidewalk repairs in conjunction with City programs

Is there a local MAD Advisory Committee?

Yes. The NPMAD Advisory Committee is comprised of volunteers representing local community groups and a resident homeowner. The Committee advises City staff regarding use of MAD funds and monitors project implementation. The Committee generally meets the second Monday of the month, at the North Park Adult Activity Center, 2719 Howard Ave, at 6:00 p.m.

Rob Steppke, Board Chair

Cory Peterson, District Manager
(619) 685-1356

Beethoven Burks, Grounds Maintenance Manager
(619) 685-1352