Dear Members of North Park Hospitality Association

Wang’s North Park would like to invite you to a community wide event we are hosting on October 6th to thank all of those involved in the situation surrounding the recent attacks in North Park. We know it was a concerted effort which brought together many agencies and operations and ultimately led to the arrest of an individual. It also instituted changes that have made the neighborhood a safer place to live and work. The merchants and residents of North Park should have the opportunity to thank those responsible for the quick mobilization of resources and the task forces that were created. We are hoping that there can be representatives from local business and the community to help thank all those involved.


Wang’s North Park is providing the venue and refreshments for all those who attend that evening. If any other merchants, restaurants or bars would like to get involved we would welcome any and all participation. We are hoping to make this a community wide celebration that will receive media attention and help show San Diego that North Park is a safer neighborhood because of the combined efforts of business, volunteers, Police and government working together to make it happen.

The evening begins at 6:30 with Council President Todd Gloria making the introductions at 7:00 PM. Please let me know if you are able to attend and/or participate in the event.

Thank you very much. I look forward to a packed house and meeting with everyone on the 6th.

Joel G Herzer — Owner
Wang’s North Park
(619) 291-7500

North Park Says ‘Thanks’!

From the article “In North Park it’s time to say, ‘Thanks'” from UT San Diego by Diane Bell:

As surprising as it seems, the brutal attacks on women in North Park had one positive result.

The neighborhood came together to protect one another, to enhance lighting and safety and to hunt down the offenders.

Now that suspect David Angelo Drake II, 23, is in custody thanks to a tipster who recognized a shirt emblem on a fuzzy surveillance video, community members are rallying around a new cause: saying “thanks.”

Restaurateur Joel Herzer is inviting police officers, members of the North Park Community Association, Lions Club, North Park Main Street, the local hospitality association and the community at large to a free buffet. City Council President Todd Gloria plans to address the gathering.

“It was a concerted effort that brought together many agencies… and ultimately led to the arrest of an individual,” said Herzer. Volunteers organized a Take Back the Night rally, self-defense workshops, street patrols and a survey of lighting needs and inoperative streetlights.

Restaurants, including Wang’s, which has 40 employees, encouraged workers to leave in pairs and offered single women escorts to their cars.

“It instituted changes that have made the neighborhood a safer place to live and work.” added the owner of Wang’s in the heart of North Park at 3029 University Ave.

Mark Arabo, head of the San Diego-based Neighborhood Market Association, who personally put up $9,000 of the $10,000 reward, said: “Nothing makes me happier than to write that check.” (San Diego police Lt. Kevin Mayer, spokesman for the department, said the tipster did not want the reward money, however.)

The search is still on for additional suspects, because at least one of the attacks, which occurred in North Park and nearby communities, is not attributed to Drake. Nevertheless, since his arrest, Herzer says weeknight business is picking up, and people seem more at ease.

Read the article on UT San Diego here:

Happy Hour Smarth Growth Conversation & Meeting Of The Minds

What: Happy Hour Smart Growth Conversation & Meeting of the Minds
When: Wednesday, October 8th | 5:00pm-6:30pm
Where: Modern Times Flavordome (North Park) | 3000 Upas St.

Save the Date and Join in the Conversation.

We are gathering some of the community’s top experts, planners and Council President Todd Gloria to discuss the subject of Smart Growth. This interactive and lively meeting of the minds will focus on creative urban design and ways to build attractive places for people to live work and play.

Brought to you by North Park Main Street and San Diego Association of Realtors (SDAR)

Howard Blackson: Director at HB3 Urban Design Studio.

Howard advocates time-tested planning strategies that are proven to add value to communities – one neighborhood, one block, and one building at a time.

Craig Abenilla: Owner at FoundationForForm Architecture & Development

FoundationForForm Architecture & Development is an award-winning design studio specializing in Urban Design, Mixed-Use Developments, Multi-Family Housing, Custom Residential, Furniture Design and good ‘ole office fun.

Mathew Segal: COO Jonathan Segal, FAIA

Jonathan Segal FAIA is considered one of downtown San Diego’s most successful and pioneering residential architectural/development companies and has a reputation for providing superior housing at a lower cost than comparable properties. Matthew has developed, designed and built his own 4-unit multi-family project in San Diego.

Greg Strangman: Creative director of LWP Group, Inc.

L.W.P. Group, Inc. is an award-winning residential and commercial real estate developer. The company acquires, renovates and manages existing properties in San Diego, targeting urban communities considered ripe for long-term growth and stability. Greg has experience in all areas of real estate including construction, acquisitions, entitlements, property management and finance.

Roger Lewis: Former Chair to North Park Planning Urban Design Committee and Former Chair Project Area Committee for Redevelopment.

Urban Design reviews existing and upcoming planning, zoning, and design and development issues.