North Park Main Street: Board of Directors

Board Membership

The North Park Main Street Board of Directors is a group of fifteen volunteer members who are dedicated to the economic prosperity of North Park’s central downtown core. At any given time, at least twelve of those board members must hold business tax certificates for a business located within the boundaries of the North Park Business Improvement District (BID).  Up to three seats may be held by associate members. Board members represent a cross-section of merchant types, as well as, a balanced distribution of business locations. Members serve for a two year term. Elections are held each September with 50% of the Board voted in annually.

Board Role

The board is the ultimate decision-making body for the organization and is responsible for ensuring that the organization operates in accordance with its bylaws. Board members establish policy, approve the annual budget, focus organization goals, and hire the association’s Executive Director. Board Officers include the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Non-officers each serve on at least one of the Board’s standing committees.

Board of Directors

David Gamboa, President
Owner, A7D Graphic Design & Printing
2867 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92104
Term: Oct. 2013- Oct. 2015

David Gamboa is the President of North Park Main Street, and has been a board member for 6 years. As the Co-owner and President of North Park agency A7D Creative Group, David has been active in the community for over 10 years. After starting A7D with wife Anna Gamboa in their home, they moved the business to North Park in 2005 and haven’t looked back.

Matt Gordon, Vice President
Owner, Urban Solace
3823 30th St
San Diego, CA 92104
Term: Oct. 2013- Oct. 2015

Chef Matt Gordon is a 25-year veteran of the restaurant industry, having headed numerous kitchens including the highly acclaimed Willi’s Seafood and Raw Bar in Healdsburg, Calif., Hospitality Inc. (Festivities Catering, Picnic People) and Scott’s Seafood, in the heart of Silicon Valley. He now owns three restaurants in San Diego County including North Park’s Urban Solace. When Gordon and his wife had their first child, they made a commitment to raise her on a diet free of artificial ingredients. He felt the same responsibility to his guests and committed to serving food in his restaurants like he does at home – predominantly organic and sustainable, completely free of artificial ingredients, and delicious.

Trenton Riley, Secretary
San Diego City Homes, Inc.
2828 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104
Term: Oct 2013-2015

Trent Riley has been involved with NPMS in different capacities for over a decade. He is a residential real estate broker and developer, commercial and residential property owner, and a small business owner – all in North Park. Trent has seen the changes in North Park first-hand over the past 13 years and loves to look for opportunities to be part of the change. He has built and renovated residential units throughout North Park and other parts of Metro San Diego. Additionally, he has facilitated many home sales in San Diego through his company SD City Homes, Inc. His company’s management arm has managed over 200 units throughout San Diego County. He is a huge fan of North Park and lives with his partner on the on the border between North and South Park. On the weekends and after hours, you can usually find him trying out the newest foodie offerings in North Park and the surrounding neighborhoods or just enjoying this amazing city he calls home.

Steve Codraro, Associate Member
Design Committee Member
Generation 3 Development Co. Inc.
3954 Kansas Street
San Diego, CA 92104
Term: October 2012 – October 2014

Steve Codraro is a North Park resident and business owner. He is President of Generation 3 Development Company, Inc., an urban infill consulting and residential development firm. Steve serves on Main Street’s Design Committee, as well as the North Park Planning Committee and Urban Design sub-committee. He is a 3rd generation homebuilder specializing in green building. Generation 3 is currently designing for-sale lofts for sites in the urban neighborhoods surrounding downtown San Diego.

Alma Rodriguez
Owner, Queen Bee’s Art & Culture Center
3925 Ohio Street
San Diego, CA 92104
Term: Oct. 2013 – Oct. 2015

Alma Rodriguez is director and founder Of Queen Bee’s and opened her first business in San Diego in 2000 and relocated in 2009 to North Park. The name Queen Bee’s was originated by a local writer for the “San Diego Reader” and encompasses Alma’s personality. Alma has created community relations with local businesses, artist, musicians, non-profit groups, residents and others to make them aware of the vision and the space available to perform, learn, create, teach, express themselves, come together and enjoy. Alma and Queen Bee’s is a huge supporter of local, musicians, artists, performers, dancers, community organizations, cultural groups, activists, politicians, and many others in the community. Since she has opened her doors to the community of North Park and the entire county of San Diego, she has joined the Board of Directors for North Park working to enhance the community around her and to help create an area that is a wonderful place to visit, shop, eat and enjoy art of all types. Queen Bee’s vision is: “Through Art, Culture and Community we can Empower our Youth to Make Social Changes. Pollinate the Planet at Queen Bee’s!”

Jason Noble
Advertising Executive, San Diego CityBeat
3047 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104
Term Oct. 2012 – Oct. 2014

Jason Noble has been a North Park Resident for 12 years, a NPMS Board Member since 2010, and has worked for CityBeat Media for 6 years. As Senior Account Executive, or as he likes to put it, “Awesomeness Improvement Specialist” Jason specializes in Local Business Development through multi-media marketing platforms, events, and just damn good ideas. Since Jason lives and works in North Park, he knows first-hand the need to balance the desires of our businesses, residents and visitors. That’s why he joined NPMS and hopes to help the North Park community move forward for years to come.

Rich Geisler
The Indie Law Group
4157 Utah St. #5
San Diego, CA 92104

Lesley Anderson
San Diego Art Institute
3830 Ray St.
San Diego, CA 92104
Term: October 2014 – October 2016

Garrick Oliver
OBR Architecture
3817 Ray St.
San Diego, CA 92104
Term: October 2014 – October 2016

Garrick Oliver is one of the owners of obrARCHITECTURE, located on Ray St. in North Park. His firm participates in many activities in our neighborhood, including Ray At Night, Taste of North Park and the North Park Festival of the Arts. Additionally, obrARCHITECTURE designed our Parklet, Bottlecraft, Waypoint Public and the former restaurants El Take it Easy and the Linkery. Outside of the neighborhood activities, his firm also works on a variety of projects that range from small residential to large educational campuses. On top of all of his business activity in our area, Garrick is also a resident, and his brother serves as one of our firefighters at SDFD Station 14.

Mario Sanchez
JP Morgan Chase Bank
3921 30th Street
San Diego CA, 92104
Term: Oct. 2013-Oct. 2015

Mike Fish

Oh My Dog! Photography
3824 Ray Street
San Diego, CA 92104
Term: Oct. 2013- Oct. 2015

Mike Fish is Co-owner/Operator of OH MY DOG! Photography. He and his wife Tee moved to North Park from Encinitas in 2009. Two years later they moved their business to North Park. Since moving they have been involved with the North Park for the Arts organization that was instrumental in reviving the Ray at Night Art Walk. Mike has recently been elected to the board of the North Park Main Street and looks forward to helping his community to become a better place to live and work.

John Stewart McGaughy
John Stewart Studios
3758 31st Street
San Diego, CA 92104

Term: Oct. 2013-Oct. 2014

Dang Nguyen

Bar Pink
3829 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104
Term: Oct. 2013-Oct.2015

Dang is one of the owners of Bar Pink on 30th St. In addition to the NPMS board, he also sits on the board of directors for the San Diego Music Foundation, the board of trustees for The Spreckels Organ Society, as well as being an elected board member of the North Park Planning Committee. He has worked on several events in the community, including the Festival of Arts, SoNo Chili Fest, San Diego Music Thing, and the World Cup Final jumbotron viewing party. Dang is also a long-time volunteer for Mama’s Kitchen, and has also been a coach for NP Little League.

John Pani, Owner
Waypoint Public
3794 30th St
San Diego, CA 92104
Term: Oct. 2013-Oct. 2015

John Pani is the founding partner of ELE Collective, a local hospitality investment and management company. ELE (Experience. Live. Enjoy.) currently owns and operates Hotel Vyvant, a 23-room boutique hotel located in Little Italy, Waypoint Public, a highly acclaimed gastropub in North Park, and is in the renovation phase of its newest hospitality venture in University Heights. John’s passion for hospitality extends to all of ELE’s projects which aim to create environments that celebrate local culture, community, authenticity and exceptional service with the goal of creating transformative guest experiences.

Lea Caughlan
Manager, URBN Pizza
3085 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104
Term: Oct. 2013-Oct. 2015

Lea Caughlan is a longtime North Park resident who has been involved in community organizing for many years. She sat on NPMS Board of Directors from 2007-2011 and now as a Manager at URBN Coal Fired Pizza is sitting on the board once again. Involved in many aspects of outreach, she often focuses on the integral role artists play in neighborhood revitalization. By encouraging the community to shop local and support small business she hopes to facilitate stronger relationships between the business and resident communities. Her goals of creating cohesive independent communities that are thriving both financially and culturally are at the heart of the work she does both in and out of the restaurant. It is imperative that the work done within neighborhoods is not for the sole advancement of one sector of the community but instead has mutually beneficial aspects that propel the neighborhood forward as a whole.

“By supporting the local businesses we know and love, we are actively creating community. When we participate in this way we are facilitating positive growth in a direction that feels most congruent with our goals as an independent neighborhood.” — Lea Caughlan

Meeting Times

The North Park Main Street Board meets at 7:30 a.m. on the second Wednesday of each month at the North Park Main Street office, 3076 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104.

For more information, call (619) 294-2501 or email